Price Monitoring

The price is part of the product

If the Ferrari price were the same as a utility car, Ferrari cars' customers would flock towards other brands. The Ferrari's price makes it exclusive, a feature its buyers want. 

Enforcing your policies

We protect your products and brand from rogue sellers

Defending the price of your products is vital to your brand image.

The break of the pricing policy in some brick and mortar stores is annoying. Low prices on Amazon are devastating. They go public and widespread, harming your entire distribution network and transmitting a negative message to your customers.

A brand cannot prevent a seller from selling on Amazon under MAP. Still, it is free to close the business relationship at the origin of the violation. This action is particularly tricky on Amazon, where brands often even do not know who the seller breaking the MAP is.

Do not expect Amazon to move for you. Somebody says that Amazon enjoys the price erosion created by rogue third-party sellers, as it favors customers. Indeed, Amazon itself is the biggest MAP violator.

We work side by side with brands to bring their pricing strategy to Amazon.

MAP MANAGEMENT: The first thing to do to protect pricing is a MAP policy. If you do not have one, we support your brand in creating one.

SELLERS MONITORING: We identify MAP violators and help you make sure they comply with your pricing or get removed from your listings. The recent Amazon move that has ended sellers' anonymity on the US marketplace makes life easier but has not eliminated the need for a clear framework for enabling brands to take action.

IP PROTECTION: Counterfeits mine a brand success more than anything else. They steal your brand name and image and sell at discounted prices. Amazon is fighting hard any IP infringements. We monitor the existence of counterfeits and work with you and the Amazon Brand Management Team to get rid of them.

TOTAL CONTROL: When you select our full Brand Management service, we help you streamlining your supply chain so that you become your exclusive seller on Amazon. It is the best move to prevent unauthorized sellers and even Amazon from jeopardizing your pricing strategy.

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