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On Amazon, 81% of clicks happen on the first search result page, so keyword rank is critical to have customers discover your product.

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Customers land on Amazon product pages in many ways, but searches continue being the main avenue.

If your competitors' products rank ten times more in the first ten positions of search result pages than you, no matter how good is your product and its listing, you will sell less, much less.

Keywords are the lifeblood of Amazon, and your product listing has to include the right ones in the right positions.

DISCOVERY OF CRUCIAL KEYWORDS: Analysis of which keywords the Amazon search engine is indexing for your product and the competition and how it makes evolve their relative ranking, to identify where your listings need improvements.

STRATEGIC POSITIONING OF CRITICAL KEYWORDS: Keywords go into the title, the bullet points, and the description, in this order of importance. Still, there is no need to fill your copy with keywords until people can hardly read it. There are places where keywords are invisible for customers but relevant for the search engine.

REVIEWS, COMMENTS, ANSWERS MANAGEMENT: Few people, even Amazon professionals, know that when the product description uses A+ content, the search engine will not index it. On the other side, even fewer people know that the Amazon search engine indexes reviews, comments, questions, and answers on a product.

ORGANIC SEO AND PPC SYNCHRONIZATION: On the Internet, search engine optimization of websites and Google PPC campaign are unrelated. Your site will not increase its rank for an organic search after a user clicks on a paid advertisement. On Amazon, organic rank and PPC campaigns go hand in hand. If a customer clicks a paid ad and buy, the product will rank higher for that search.

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