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Emerge from the crowd

With hundreds, when not thousands, of products competing on the Amazon marketplace in segments defined by the same keywords, effective and efficient PPC campaigns are strategic to win.

Ahead Of  The Competition

We promote your products and brand with targeted ads

Once we have optimized your product pages for conversion and traffic, we need to make the way to the top.

Amazon has an entire suite of tools to advertise products and brands, and we know what to use and how.

We use articulated advertisement strategies supported by advanced management tools to discover and target the critical keywords minimizing cost.

We tailor the strategies to each product life cycle stage and market positioning.

DEFENDING YOUR PRODUCTS: You cannot put your competitor names among your listings' back-end keywords, but you can target them as keywords of paid campaigns. Your competitors do it for sure. So, we prevent their attack success by creating campaigns aimed at your brand and product names.

ATTACKING THE COMPETITION: As your competitors make their products appear through paid ads when a customer search yours, so your products have to appear on the competition searches.

SUSTAINING SEO: Once identified the critical keywords and inserted them in the product listings, the paid campaigns aim to sell the product for those keywords and make your product rank raise for organic searches.

OPTIMAL BIDDING: State of the art AI tools permit to adjust keywords bidding dynamically and minimize overspending and underexposure. 

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Check your Amazon strategy with us

If your company needs some specific services instead of our full offers, let's talk.

We will review your Amazon road map and provide the pieces you need, from brand store creation to full catalog optimization or PPC campaign management.

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