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On Amazon, marketing and sales go side by side. We get information from the vast amount of data the Amazon marketplace provides to understand its dynamics and drive brands' actions in the right direction.

Knowledge is the key

We make you aware of market trends and your position against competitors 

It has never been easy for a business organization to collect marketing data on its products and competitor, even with the Internet's advent.

The Amazon marketplace represents a new and unique source of information to understand market dynamics with massive data.

You can finally clearly see the influence of product features, listing quality, pricing, and advertising strategies on sales.

Understanding the behavior of Amazon customers does not only benefit a brand strategy in that marketplace. Amazon is more than 50% of US e-commerce and 5% of the total retail market. Therefore, taken with the right considerations, it is a representative sample of the whole market.

The data are there. We have the tools and the expertise to use them.

MARKET ANALYSIS: We use advanced tools to understand the size of the market segments of your products, what is your market share, and what are the root causes of your products' rank. This way, we can provide you with facts to make informed decisions for growth.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS: On Amazon, keywords define market segments. We analyze the positioning of your competitors and their critical success factors to prepare new effective marketing strategies.

PRICING ANALYSIS: Price is an essential point for Amazon product ranking. We extract and compare your competitor prices to understand your product positioning and devise the best course of action.

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