Hi, I am Riccardo Ferrari, the founder of bilubah

bilubah office is in Wyoming, a great wild place, the kind I like, but I spend my year between San Francisco, in the USA, where I have a daughter and two grandkids, and Milan, in Italy, where my other two sons and two grandkids live.

I started bilubah in 2017 after experiencing the excitement of many young Amazon sellers in San Francisco and the pains of entrepreneurs and brand owners in the USA and Europe for the terrible backlashes they were enduring on the Amazon marketplace.

I realized everybody was considering Amazon as a selling tool while it is mainly a marketing platform. Even more, it is the first context in history where you can directly measure how effective your marketing is!

I wanted to create a company based on performances and results to enable brands to exploit Amazon's marketing potential at full, and we are doing it!

I work with a small, continuously growing, focused team, but I am still involved with all our projects and accounts.

Let's talk to check your Amazon strategy!