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Amazon customers cannot physically hold, touch, or handle your product. Make them feel as if they could.

From Visits To Sales 

We maximize the conversion of page visits into sales

Amazon's goal is simple, sell products. If a customer discovers your product page with a search and browses it without buying, your listing gets penalized. Its position will slip down the search result page next time. Sales beget sales!

For this reason, we always start optimizing the listings for conversion.

BEAUTIFUL IMAGES: Amazon permits up to nine photos for a product. The last two are visible only in gallery mode. So seven pictures are the minimum. We work with your marketing material to maximize the number of images, including lifestyle ones that help the customers see themselves using the product, and intense info-graphics.

RICH TITLE: The title's first five words are the most precious real estate piece of an Amazon product page. They are paramount both for the search engine and the customers' eyes, whichever device they use. We scientifically study every word of the product title to capture customer attention and search engine ranking.

MEANINGFUL BULLET POINTS: Phrases focused on customer benefits shortly and efficiently, more than on product characteristics. Bullet points tailored for search engine optimization, without losing appeal to humans with keyword stuffing.

DETAILED DESCRIPTION: Written to highlight key product features, tell your brand story, transmit useful information. When your brand is in Amazon Brand Registry, we use A+ or Enhanced Brand Content to enrich the description with additional images and graphic tools, like the products table, a formidable way to link and compare your products.

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