Customer Experience

Don' let your customers feel abandoned

Leaving products' reviews and customers' questions unattended gives the terrible impression you do not care for them, and everybody sees it. 

Your Customers Are Our Customers

We take care of each customer interaction 

Customers interact with your product listings every moment. They give products' reviews, provide seller feedbacks, make inquiries to sellers. Who is promptly taking care of them?

Leaving negative reviews without any comment from the brand or seller is dangerous. Potential buyers can find them useful and do not make the purchase! Beside, uncommented products' reviews and customers' questions are a lost opportunity for increasing keywords. Few know that the Amazon search engine indexes comments and answers.

Amazon FBA order management and Customer Service are superb, but that is not enough. Offering seller support for buyers in advance can often solve problems that would have led to a one-star review.

A high rating of product reviews provides social proof and is a critical factor for converting visits into sales.

You worked hard to make your customer appreciate your products. Their purchasing experience has to be excellent.

REVIEWS MANAGEMENT: We ask for product reviews with email follow up respecting Amazon guidelines. We offer customers our support in advance to contact us if problems occur. This way, we can turn risks into opportunities. Finally, when a product does receive a negative review, we provide precise and polite comments.

PRODUCT QUESTIONS MANAGEMENT: We work with brands' teams to thoroughly answer to customer questions. We use reviews and questions to improve the products' listing, tuning the information provided.

SELLER FEEDBACK MANAGEMENT: The sellers' reputation project on the products they sell. We do whatever it needs to keep our 100% positive customer feedback on our seller account, and so we do for yours when you use our full Brand Management service.

BUYER MESSAGES MANAGEMENT: Prompt reply to buyer messages is paramount for sellers, as it is to provide the right solution to customer issues. We continuously monitor the seller account we manage to assure excellent service level.

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