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With its global reach, Amazon permits to brands to enter international markets as never before. But beware, the complexity is reduced, not eliminated.

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We bring brands into new markets

Being international is a state of mind. It is not only about different languages. It involves all the nuances of doing business with people of other cultures.

We are international by nature, as our people have matured experiences in various countries and working environments.

We already sell in all North America and European Amazon marketplaces. So we could develop first-hand knowledge of the complexity of sales tax systems, logistics, and consumers' behaviors.

We also know what it means to launch a product in a new market.

If you want to expand your brand beyond your domestic border, we have to talk. It is a project, not a flash. 

LISTINGS IN MULTIPLE LANGUAGES: Brands that never looked at becoming international may have products already available in foreign marketplaces without even knowing it. It is sufficient for a seller to activate the Amazon Global Selling feature, to have listings appearing out of the original market. Don't let this happen out of control. Those listings go live with automatic translation, not the best for sure. We master multiple languages, and we use professional, mother language copywriters.

MULTILINGUAL CUSTOMER SERVICE: North America Amazon official languages are just English and Spanish. But in Europe, there are seven languages to deal with: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and Swedish. We know how to do it.

LOGISTICS: When using Amazon, you may not need to move containers of goods across the world. Still, you have to organize an efficient and capable supply chain to ship the products into Amazon centers respecting its rules. We work with your team to do it.

MARKET ANALYSIS: Don't expect that the keywords working in your domestic market need just a translation. We analyze markets in advance to understand the requirements for a successful launch. 

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We will review your Amazon road map and provide the pieces you need, from brand store creation to full catalog optimization or PPC campaign management.

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