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Don't miss all the opportunities offered by the Amazon Brand Registry. The Amazon program that enables brands to protect and promote their image and products on the marketplace.

Enhancing your brand's image

We use at full the entire suite of Amazon Brand Registry's tools

Created by Amazon in 2015, the Brand Registry program has evolved over the years from pure IP protection to a full brand marketing framework.

We stay ahead of the continuous addition to the Brand Registry toolbox to provide our supported brands with a valuable competitive advantage.

To be eligible for Amazon Brand Registry, a brand must have an active registered trademark in the country where the brand owner wishes to enroll.

If your brand has not yet enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, we support your application process to make it as smooth and fast as possible.

We know how tricky it can be, and we guide you through the possible issues in advance.

A+ CONTENT: It’s a great way to increase sales through enhanced content added to your product pages. We work with your team to create appealing content that improves visit conversion.

BRAND STORE: You can have a web store inside Amazon all for your brand. The product listing brand links will appear with the invitation to visit your brand store. We create your brand store as a showcase that tells your brand story and best displays your full catalog.

VIRTUAL BUNDLES: It is the most recent addition to the Amazon Brand Registry suite and permits to create bundles of products out of the existing stock. We identify customers’ buying patterns, and we work with you to generate new bundles, so you match customers’ demand and expand your offer without additional costs.

SPONSORED BRANDS: These are ads that feature the brand logo, a personalized title, and up to three products. Their appearance in search results helps increase brand and product portfolio recognition. We work with you to develop this kind of campaign.

BRAND DASHBOARD: A tool to check in on the brand’s health and receive Amazon’s feedback on potential listing improvements. It is a powerful addition to brand seller central that we use to increase your marketplace presence. 

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