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We take care of your brand on Amazon

Straight and simple, we have an in-depth knowledge of Amazon

The fastest-growing global marketplace is more than a revenue stream. It is the leading marketing channel. Do it right, and your sales will rocket everywhere, as more than half of consumers search for products on Amazon even when buying in bricks and mortar stores.

It's tricky, we know. We're ready to do it right for you!

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One Goal

Two ways of working

We do not play hide and seek games. We love transparency. The more you gain, the more we gain, simple. Amazon is a jungle, but we know the way through it.

We start listening to your experience and understanding your objectives. Then, we make bespoke solutions for your needs.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns 

We sell your products on Amazon, adding value to their listings and your brand image.

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Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns 

Be your exclusive seller on Amazon without the hassle of managing a seller account.

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Our services

Listing Optimization

Product presentation optimization through enhanced images, titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

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Keyword Optimization

Amazon search engine optimization of product listing and backend keywords.

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Advertising Campaigns

Active brand and product promotions through effective and efficient campaigns.

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Price Monitoring

Monitoring of compliance with brand pricing policies and identification of violators.

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Full Brand Management

Brand seller account creation, brand registry enrollment, and full account management. 

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Customer Experience

Product reviews' management, seller feedbacks' control, and customers' questions handling.

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Amazon Brand Services

Full use of all Amazon tools for IP protection and brand promotion like A+ content, Store, and Virtual Bundle. 

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Marketing Intelligence

Marketplace insight and competition analysis to take advantage of trends and stay ahead of challenges.

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International Sales

Launch, and development of multilingual product listings in the American and European marketplaces. 

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Count on a dedicated team to climb the Amazon Marketplace

Partner with us to take your brand to the next level

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