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With our Brand Management service, you get full control of your products and your brand image on Amazon without the need to deal with all its marketplace complexity.

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We manage your selling account with our full set of services 

In the last few years, Amazon has become the leading marketing vehicle surpassing even Google as the product search platform of choice. A brand should not leave others controlling an environment that has such a significant impact on its success, not even Amazon.

Distributors and retailers have to make sales, but the marketing coverage is a brand direct responsibility, and Amazon is marketing.

With our full Brand Management service, you can get back the control of your brand presence on Amazon, avoiding to be involved in the minute by minute task of handling an Amazon selling account.

You retain us as your Seller Account manager. We work for a sale percentage fee so that our performances drive our gain, and we shape your Amazon presence the way you want.

You will increase your profit as, even considering the account management fee, directly selling provides more margin, and you will have our complete suite of services at your disposal.

SELLER ACCOUNT SETUP: If you do not already have one, we will assist in creating the account on Amazon Seller Central and grant us the administrative account rights to perform the service.

REVIEW OF THE DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM: We provide a complete set of reference documents to establish your brand protection basis. We also supply you checklists and best practices to communicate your new Amazon strategy to your distribution network.

AMAZON BRAND REGISTRY: We help you enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry program and grant us the role of Registered Agent to serve as the Brand Manager for your account.

AMAZON SELLER ACCOUNT HEALTH: We understand and stay ahead of the ever-changing Amazon policies. We also have a wealth of experience dealing with both Seller Support and Seller Performance to maintain your seller account in good health.

OUR COMPLETE SET OF SERVICES: We will deploy all our services as needed to develop your brand and products on Amazon, keeping you updated with frequent insights, analytics, and reporting.

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